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Don't Take Just Any Supplement!

In an ideal world, our diet would supply our bodies with all the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible.

While I’m an advocate of healthy eating, there are times and circumstances when food alone cannot provide us with the nutrients needed to achieve optimal health. That’s why I encourage everyone to opt-in to my Quality Supplementation Email Series to gain a healthy perspective on supplements.

The series has eight emails, each of which contains information about dietary sources of the nutrients discussed and tips for choosing a high-quality supplement.

My goal is to help guide you on your journey to better health and wellness through nutrition.

Meet Nequita Dowling, MD

Wellness is not just management of disease, but rather it involves a balance of the mind, body and spirit with nutrition, exercise, and mental wholeness. N2U Nutrition and Wellness combines Family Medicine and Functional Medicine to help people achieve their wellness goal. I am excited! The practice is a vision that came about out of a need to be better—a better physician who seeks to prevent disease and treat the cause…. a better person to myself by slowing down my pace to improve my own health and longevity… a better daughter, sister, and mother because I am present. Let's work together for a better you!

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Nequita Dowling, MD

Quality Matters

Not all supplements are created equal! It’s important that you understand what to look for when choosing a supplement to ensure you are getting a high-quality product. During my Quality Supplementation Email Series I will discuss the different functions of each micronutrient and provide useful tips on choosing the right supplements for your needs.

This resource will provide guidance on widely-used supplements, with a focus on Fish oil, Fiber, Probiotics, Collagen, Vitamin D, Iron, and B vitamins.

If you have any nutrition questions or concerns, I have the tools and information you need to transform your health.

I Look Forward to Sharing More With You!